Information overload is part of modern life and human is not evolve to cope with this amount of information, most of time we make decisions automatically (system 1 thinking), hard and analyitic thinking is rare. I have been thinking hard and come up with a plan.

  1. Independent
  2. Make something people want
  3. Give away

Every single one of them is very hard, but it will be exciting journey to try to execute the plan. This will make me think even harder to make plans for each of the steps, but I’m confident and optimistic about it.


For me this is about be mentally, physically and financially independent, so I can stand up with my two feets. This is the solid foundation part of the plan, without it will be like a sandcastle. It is also about take care family and friends.

Make something people want

This is about create value for others, things have value as long as it make other life easier and happy, it doesn’t how big and small it is - e.g a carpenter creates value by making a table for families.

Give away

The world is not equal, not everyone have the same opportunities, I’m one of the lucky one compared to majority of the people on this rock, will be good to help out other less fortunate out there. Due to compounding, it will be more efficient to acquire big wealth before giving out.


Looking back the last 100 years (far less than 0.000000001% of total human history), we made tremendous progress - Planes, Internet, Antibiotics… last 100 years make more progress than all previous history combined. now we standing on the shoulders of giants, the future is bright - AI, Space travel, Biotechnologies, we can shape the future we want.

Anything is possible!

Just thinking about these pumped me up, but back down to reality, first thing first - survive in the real world!